Buses, Trams etcetera

Long tram
Articulated trams consisting of five parts serve all tram routes except the tram routes 5, 16 and 24.
Go into this tram through the second door from the rear where you can check in with your OV-chipkaart or buy a ticket. If necessary you do this in the door near the driver.
GVB accepts rechargeable OV-chip tickets issued by all transport companies and their own rechargeable tickets. They do not accept a non-rechargeable OV-chipkaart that is issued by other transport companies.

Short tram
This is a tram on route number 5.
Go into this tram through any door, except the door near the driver, where you will check in with your OV-chipkaart. If you have no ticket you must buy one from the driver.
The same applies for the trams on the routes 16 and 24.

GVB bus
This is a bus of the GVB (municipal transport company).
Go into this bus through the door near the driver where you will check in with your OV-chipkaart or buy one.

The same applies for Connexxion buses and Arriva buses as well. Connexxion and Arriva accept a rechargeable OV-chipkaart issued by any transport company and their own tickets. They do not accept a non-rechargeable OV-chipkaart that is issued by others.

Connexxion bus

Connexxion bus

Arriva bus

Arriva bus

This is one of the ferries of the GVB.

Click here for the routes.

These ferries are free and are for cyclists and pedestrians only.

Bus,tram shelter

Yellow box

This is an Amsterdam shelter for the bus and tram. This one is at the south west corner of the Rijksmuseum, where the provisional entrance of the Rijksmuseum is.

In the shelter there is a panel with the timetables and two network maps, one for the day and the other for the night.

On top of the shelter is a yellow box with the name of the stop and the number of the "zone". Trams 2 and 5, the Connexxion buses 170, 172, 145 and the GVB nightbus 358 stop here. Under these numbers are the names of the termini (here illegible). Note that the Connexxion nightbuses N70 and N72 (formerly 270 and 271) now do not stop here anymore (nor at Raamplein, north west of Leidseplein). For the rest they serve all stops that 170 and 172 serve between Centraal Station and the bus station in the municipality of Amstelveen.

Lonely busstop

This is a busstop without a shelter and therefore difficult to find. These "lonely" busstops are always for nightbuses. If you go somewhere and there is a chance you need a nightbus to return, it is therefore better to start looking for the nightbus stop immediately after arriving and check (and write down) the times of departure.

Fietstaxi or Bicycle taxi

The orange vehicle in the picture is called Fietstaxi (bicycle taxi).
Their information in Dutch on their internet site (www.wielertaxi.nl) is different from the information in English, though not contradictory. The information about the prices is only in Dutch. To find the price click on 'Informatie' in the top left of their home page and then explore the small window in the bottom right corner. The mentioned price is €1 for three minutes per person; minimum €2.50 per person. The green lines at the end mention the price indications for stretches between the Dam square and other squares in the center.
Call +31 (0)6 28247550 to hire a taxi right away and +31 (0)6 38822683 to make remarks.
You may agree on a price beforehand. In the summer of 2010 the City will decontrol the bike taxi services which will result in more chaos.